Great Plains Series

Courtships and Carriages: Book 1


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Hear the approach of the yellow-wheeled carriage  …

Peek into Gwen’s heart …
Which of the two marriage proposals will win her heart?

The answer is in her court in Courtships and Carriages.


The Bride List: Book 2

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Second in Great Plains Series, The Bride List, released January 7, 2017, in e-book! Paperback is here.


Jim Ward was in a tizzy after the president of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary College presented him The Bride List of ladies for him to court and to marry one by year’s end. 

What an ordeal and if he did not follow through, his desire to become a minister would be derailed. 

Well, he could court his childhood nemesis, Annie Lee, who arrived in town the same day he did. But could he force himself to do the unthinkable of courting someone who made his childhood days miserable?

He swallowed hard as he considered his losing options …


When Hearts Rekindle: Book 3

Last and final book in the Great Plains Series is in e-book on pre-order now!

Released January 13, 2018, in e-book and paperback.


Thunderbolts echoed and rain pelted down as distraught Betty Chapman stood in agony to express her heartache from a broken courtship in Janet Syas Nitsick’s new clean, historical romance, When Hearts Rekindle.


When Hearts Rekindle is a suspenseful, touching story about two lost souls searching for love but unable to embrace it, and a farm placed in jeopardy by the foolish actions of a father and his oldest son.



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