Romance Anthologies

Bride by Arrangement: Book 1


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In Ruth Ann Nordin’s story The Purchased Bride:

(Contains sexual content within marriage)

Ada Wilcox never thought her brother would answer a mail-order bride ad on her behalf. Worse, he’s sold her–sight unseen–to a complete stranger. As she travels to Nebraska, she doesn’t know whether to be angry with her brother or scared about the uncertain future looming before her.

Pete Kelly never thought he’d marry. Then one day his brother brings him a woman to marry, and the loneliness that plagued him for years in his quiet world is finally at an end. But the gift he was given might be quickly taken away if he doesn’t act in time to keep it.


Janet Syas Nitsick’s story She Came by Train:

She Came by Train to a desolate land in the spring of 1876. With mixed feelings, Opal Preston steps onto the platform to meet her employer, Alexander Boyer. She accepts his hand and climbs into his wagon to begin her role as the governess of his two children. As she executes her duties, she wonders how she’ll cope without the finery she left behind. Soon two men are vying for her affections. Alex cannot imagine his life without her and looks for a way to convince her to stay in Nebraska. But a preacher from Virginia also is smitten with her and offers to take her back to Virginia. She Came by Train, but only her heart can determine if she’ll return that way.


A Groom’s Promise: Book 2



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In Ruth Ann Nordin’s story, The Bride’s Choice:

(Contains sexual content within marriage)

“Stop stuttering, Jack.  Don’t be so clumsy.  What’s wrong with you?”  Over and over, Jack Warren heard such words his entire life from his father and others.  When his brother comes across an ad looking for hired hands in Lincoln, Nebraska, Jack jumps at the chance to go.  Finally, he’ll get to live his life in peace since he’ll be far removed from others. What he doesn’t count on is the owner’s attractive daughter who happens to be available.

When the new hired hands arrive at her pa’s farm, Maybell is immediately drawn to Jack. Though he wasn’t the most graceful of all men to work for her pa, there’s a certain charm and sweetness about him that appeals to her. Her pa, however, has other ideas. Certain someone as timid as Jack wouldn’t make a good husband, he rejects Jack’s suit. Instead, he plans for her to marry his brother, and he’ll do everything he can to make that happen.


In Janet Syas Nitsick’s story, When the Whistle Blows:

When the Whistle Blows, Hugh Warren paces outside the depot, waiting to see if his love, Winifred Preston, will step off the train to meet him. He only had himself to blame for his predicament. Could she give him another chance? He did not know. Heart in his throat, he looks this way and that hoping against hope she did not already marry the beau back in Virginia.

When the Whistle Blows takes readers to the Midwest of 1877, where two unlikely individuals collide with each other physically and emotionally. However, only Winifred can determine whether duty and Hugh’s betrayal will keep her in Virginia or allow her to return to the man who still haunts her heart.


2 Responses to Romance Anthologies

  1. Peggy Kube says:

    She Came By Train……seems like the kind of movie I watch on the Hallmark Channel.
    I feel very much inspired, Janet. Did you ever read any of Jenette Ork’s books? Some
    of her books have been made into movies. Love them. Dale Midkeff I think was the
    actor who played in them. Don’t know if I spelled his name right. He also played Elvis
    in Priscilla Presley’s movie back in the 80’s from her book, Elvis And Me.

  2. I read Love Comes Softly and saw that on the Hallmark channel. It is an awesome movie. I often watch the Hallmark channel. Their movies often include Christian themes. She Came by Train is similar as well as my book, Lockets and Lanterns.

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