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The Bride List (Great Plains Series: Book 2)

Release date: January 7, 2017, in e-book! Paperback is here.


Jim Ward was in a tizzy when the president of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary College presented him The Bride List of ladies for him to court and suggested he start with Betty Chapman. A sweet woman, the president said. Oh, but that horse face of hers made Jim pine for his childhood nemesis, Annie Lee, who arrived in town a few weeks earlier.

He remembered the day he dipped his classmate’s pigtails in the inkwell to repay her for breaking his slate. But now, despite his best efforts, he was falling in love with his former classmate and desired to court her instead of Betty.

            However, he had to drop this wish when allegations of moral improprieties surfaced, which not only damaged his reputation but Annie Lee’s as well. The Bride List, a humorous tale of a love-hate relationship that only the good Lord could ordain.

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