Trees, Trees, and Destruction


Storms bring destruction. We are in a mess and are still trying to pull ourselves out of this. That is true about everything.

We also need to pull ourselves out of our writing destruction. This is when our writing gets sidetracked. Sidetracked by uncontrollable events, such as storms, technical issues and the loss of production time.

I faced a storm, where we lost power for three days (which was better than some in the area where they were out of power for about five days). However, I was unable to not only write, charge my phone, cook or basically do much of anything. It is amazing how much you live on power and do not know that until you are out of electricity.

Prior to the storm, I had technical computer problems and had been on the phone with technicians off and on all day. My computer backed upped the data just before the storm. I was lucky there for 15 minutes later the storm hit, and we were out of power. However, once electricity returned, another problem developed and that was the upgrade to a new operating system.

This new system would no longer back up my work. Another call led to another call and still the issue was not repaired. Then my other computer, which had been doing great on that end, would no longer backup as well. All these technical calls and spending days on the phone did not fix the issue. It was so, so frustrating. In addition, this lost valuable time in writing, promoting and all those other activities associated with being an author. Finally, last week, after three weeks of this, it got fixed. Praise God!

Writing, though, is like this. Everything is going along fine. Your writing goals are met. You smile on the progress you made and then devastation happens. This puts you behind the eight ball. What should you do?

Well, you must move on for what else can you do? I am trying to get caught up on weeks of lost production time. So no matter what you face, put your front foot ahead of you and take steps forward. Destruction and disasters come and the best is to look up, say a prayer for strength and set your eyes on finishing your project. God bless.


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2 Responses to Trees, Trees, and Destruction

  1. Glad you sorted through your issues without using your head. I get disasters regularly and have adopted back up systems, printing out my work, writing out by hand if need be. technology is great when its working properly, but when there’s a glitch I just about want to start ripping out my hair. Thankfully I have a cute pooch to cuddle and de-stress, and a view to ponder while sipping a hot cup of tea. Drink tea and carry on! 😀

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