Announcement of Winner of Kirsten Osbourne’s 100th Book Giveaway

Author Kirsten Osbourne wrote her 100th book, and I helped her celebrate that feat with a giveaway of paperback copies of my recent release, The Bride List, second in the Great Plains Series, and Courtships and Carriages, first in the series.

Entries needed to answer this question: What is your feeling on Daylight Savings Time – pro or con – and provide their e-mail address. There were a lot of great answers which made it difficult to chose but the winner is …

Ginny LaMere.

I liked her answer since many of us love it when we get an extra hour of sleep in the fall but hate it when we lose it in the spring. 

Ginny, look for an e-mail from me, so I can send you your paperback copies. Congratulations!


About janetsyasnitsick

Visit blog for writing, marketing tidbits to dazzle your creative endeavors. New book: Courtships and Carriages, a sweet Christian romance, (two proposals but who wins Gwen's heart?). Other works: Ruth Ann Nordin's and Janet Syas Nitsick's anthology, Bride by Arrangement; Janet's five-star, inspiring-historical romance, Lockets and Lanterns; 10th place story, "The Silver Lining;" and Best of Year book, Seasons of the Soul. Background: former journalist and language-arts teacher.
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