Graduation Poem & Remembering

May 28 celebrated two events — one happy, a granddaughter graduating, and another sad, remembering my late mother’s birthday. First, I will begin with the happy graduation party held May 28. Bridget graduated from Mercy High School of Omaha last week. Below is the poem, I wrote for her:

Graduation: Saying Goodbye

Graduation is saying goodbye, 

To the life you have known,

And reaching forward to tie,

A knot with the unknown.

But worry not,

For God is there,

Wrapping His arms around you tight,

To bless you and wipe away each tear. 


This was taken a few years ago.Bridget is the one in the blue hat.


On this day, I also took time to remember my mother. She passed away in 2009 at the age of 95. She was an active lady her whole life from 4-H leader to becoming an area leader in the cosmetic business. In fact, she still could walk to my car until she came down with the flu and passed away a few weeks before her death. No one could tie her down. She danced in her nineties.

We were close and I miss her so much. Everyone loved Pauline. She was positive and an optimist and loved to travel although she did not get to do that as much as she would have liked.

In her cosmetic business, she achieved so much. She sold cosmetics for about 35 years and would have continued if her mind had allowed her to do so. She made it in a time where most women did not work. Her ability to sell allowed her to win trips to the Bahamas, Jamaica and a car. Below she is pictured in the Mustang car she won.




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2 Responses to Graduation Poem & Remembering

  1. Gayle Foster says:

    Love the poem for your granddaughter! My Dad and I were the poem writers in my family…now my kids and grandkids leave little notes with poems…so cool. Have a blessed day,Janet from an old North High classmate…..Gayle

  2. Thank you, Gayle. I love writing poems. I just do not do it as often as I have done in the past. Glad you and your family love to do the same. The Lord’s blessings to you.

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