A Groom’s Promise: my Neglected Characters aren’t Happy with Me

Ruth Ann Nordin and I have been warring over her auditions of my characters, Jimmy boy and Annie Lee, in my work in progress, The Bride List. This book is planned to be out no later than early summer. Here is an excerpt from the Bride List:

“Jim Ward stared out the open window as the train chugged down the tracks. The hot air floated around him. He loosened his tie to enable him to breathe a little better in August’s stifling heat. He hated wool suits, especially in the summer, but he needed to look his best for his upcoming interview with the Presbyterian seminary president. He could not let anything interfere with that initial interview. He smiled at least he did not have to worry about bumping into his childhood nemesis, Miss Annie Lee Fredericksen. She almost derailed his investigation reporting of the corrupt mayor. Wherever she appeared meant trouble. His body shivered. Well, with his new life in Elkhorn, he would not have to worry about her anymore.”

As the train continued to clang down the tracks, Jim let out a long breath of relief. Putting that lady behind was the best thing about moving from Omaha to here. His mind drifted to that impossible woman.

“He thought about his childhood antics – his dipping Annie Lee’s pigtails into the inkwell. She stood there. Her red locks dripping with black ink. He loved it. She did not say a word for a whole minute – a whole minute of peace and silence without her babbling about something. It was grand. Just grand until her mouth opened several seconds later. “That was bad, Jimmy boy.” Yep, it was, but it was one of the best childhood memories he had.

“Rising to his feet, he stood in line behind the other men ahead of him and disembarked from the train. [He] stared at the woman pacing back and forth on the platform.”

As Jimmy boy lumbered toward the deport, a man rushed toward him, his face full of anger. Why’s he so mad? The man stood in front of Jimmy boy with eyes glaring.


Hugh Warren, the main male character in Janet Syas Nitsick’s story, The Whistle Blows, which is included in the anthology, A Groom’s Promise, with Ruth Ann Nordin.

“What are you doing here?” said the man.

“Why I am fulfilling my character duty as assigned by Janet Syas Nitsick in an upcoming sweet romance, The Bride List.

“Listen to me stranger. You’ve got a long ways to go before that book happens. Get back on that train. Winifred Preston and I have to do a romance in A Groom’s Promise, which is released in e-book Dec. 20, 2015, with pre-orders going on now, before your story is even finished.”

Reserve your copy today

Reserve your copy today

“Oh, okay. I don’t want any trouble.” He shrugged and hurried back to re-board the train.

A woman saddled up to Hugh. “Who was that? she asked her mouth curving into a coy smile.

Winifred Photo-AGroomsPromise

Winifred Preston, the main female character in Janet Syas Nitsick’s story, The Whistle Blows, which is included in the anthology, A Groom’s Promise, with Ruth Ann Nordin.

“Why that was a character from Janet’s work in progress. He was hoarding in on our parade and I made him leave.”

“Good for you, Hugh,” Winifred replied as she batted her eyelashes at him.

Oh dear God, maybe I should have let him stay because now I have to deal with this intoxicating and irritating woman.


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