Ruth Ann Nordin’s Outlandish Claims after Rejecting her Character Auditions

Ruth Ann Nordin is one big liar. Her blog post of November 16, 2015 is all made up just like she makes up those characters rattling inside her brain.

jan mad

Ruth Ann Nordin claims I was going to attack her. But nothing could be farther from the truth, I was just shaking my hair-spray can to get it ready to spray my hair. Can you believe how she embellished this incident? What kind of gal is she anyway?

ruth sleepThis is what Ruth was really doing when I was spraying my hair. She knows how to spread rumors since she took the above picture the day before. Liar, liar pants on fire!

do not go this wayDo not go this way, Ruth Ann Nordin. That is not how an author of your stature should act. My golly, I cannot believe the distortions she spread. Watch out or the men in white coats will come after you.


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Visit blog for writing, marketing tidbits to dazzle your creative endeavors. New book: Courtships and Carriages, a sweet Christian romance, (two proposals but who wins Gwen's heart?). Other works: Ruth Ann Nordin's and Janet Syas Nitsick's anthology, Bride by Arrangement; Janet's five-star, inspiring-historical romance, Lockets and Lanterns; 10th place story, "The Silver Lining;" and Best of Year book, Seasons of the Soul. Background: former journalist and language-arts teacher.
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One Response to Ruth Ann Nordin’s Outlandish Claims after Rejecting her Character Auditions

  1. *gasp* I wasn’t sleeping! I was running in fear. That hairspray can was huge!!

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