The Love/Hate Challenge

Ruth Ann Nordin has challenged me to do the Love/Hate Challenge. What I have to do is write ten things I love, ten things, I hate, and then challenge ten other bloggers to do the same. (I do not know ten bloggers but I have included those bloggers I know.)

Ten Things I Love:


  1. Politics. My father was a state senator and so I was engrossed in this early in my life. I follow the political scene keenly and right now this country needs a lot of prayer with a number of disturbing paths confronting this nation. However, I can do this while I write so I am not losing my focus on my most important love – writing.


  1. Writing. I love to create historical romances with characters and descriptive scenes, which allows readers to relive these periods. The historical research fascinates me as well as falling in love with certain characters, such as naïve and fun-loving Annie Lee in my latest release, Courtships and Carriages.


  1. Book Signings. I like meeting and talking with people, and this is why I so enjoy book signings. I get to meet people who like my books, but I also get to visit with new acquaintances. I remember one elderly man who came by when I was doing a book signing at a craft fair. I admired this gentleman who recently lost his wife. He visited her daily in the nursing home prior to her death although she did not remember him. Why was he at the craft show? He was looking to find something to place on her grave for the Halloween season. No human love could be greater than that.


  1. Family/Friends. My family lives near me, which is such a blessing because I get to see them fairly often. They also can come to my rescue during an emergency. My oldest son is handy so that helps and my second son is a great babysitter for our oldest autistic son. My husband and I also get to visit my youngest autistic son twice a week. He calls twice a day. I have wonderful friends. One, unfortunately, moved away recently. I will greatly miss her. We did so much together and both of us are writers. In addition, I have longtime friends both nearby and faraway. They are supportive and we enjoy (as most women do) conversing with one another.


  1. Walking. I like to walk and talk while I walk. The problem is I lost my walking partner. I do this in the morning. It clears my head, and I love watching and listening to God’s creation. It also helps me describe animals/birds, etc. in my writing.


  1. God. How can I not? He has guided me through troubles and pain.


  1. Singing. I have sung in a choir and sang solos since I was a child. I like to do something special when I do solos, such as years ago singing the hymn, “In the Garden,” and presenting parishioners with flowers as I marched down the aisle toward the altar. I know I am a little goofy.


  1. Going out to eat. I love eating at restaurants, which gives me a break from cooking, but it also gives me a special time to be with my husband or some other special person. However, I do not enjoy eating out on a daily basis.


  1. Watching romance and mystery movies. I like both of these and also like some action movies but hate horror films.


   10.Fudge. Love the homemade kind. Yes, I do make this at Christmas.


Ten things I hate:

  1. Seeing peoples’ butts. Dress properly because no one wants to see your behind.
  1. Not being respectful. Do not butt ahead of others in line and be courteous when talking to people and customers. If someone rents a car and was not told to fill up the tank before it was to be returned. The rental car representative should not say, “Did you think it was free?”


  1. Husband interruptions. Please do not read me the newspaper while I am working.


  1. Socks. Please pick up your socks.


  1. Nylon runs. It always seems to happen when I am in a hurry and have to look for a matching pair.


  1. When the network does not work. I hate it when a Web site or other network system takes forever to pull up or when it does it spins and spins, and you are left there having to just watch it all.


  1. Not telling the truth. I was married to one of these. Thank God I now am married to a man who is the opposite.


  1. Not answering your phone. No matter how busy answer your phone family member even if you have to say, “May I call you back? I am in the midst of … right now.”
  1. Progressive lady’s red lipstick. That woman advertising Progressive insurance looks like a clown with that horrible looking lipstick.
  • Friday hair day. I shampoo my hair and style it on Fridays. It takes me hours and I lose so much writing time, but I have to look presentable, don’t I?

I am passing this on to other bloggers I know. Bloggers if you are too busy or do not feel like doing this, please feel free to not participate.


Rhonda M. Hall:


Mary Connealy:


Glenda Fralin:


















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4 Responses to The Love/Hate Challenge

  1. Very nice lists. Many of yours are the same as mine (I promise, Ruth, I’ll get to mine!).

    The thing about nylon runs? I don’t have to worry about this anymore. Unless it’s winter, I don’t wear them. If it IS winter I usually wear long skirts with tights or legging and, occasionally, stockings (no panty hose!). I feel so free now! LOL

  2. I also seldom wear hose in the summer. I wear the long sundresses so do not need them, but in the autumn and the rest of the year I do. I no longer wear panty hose and replaced those with thigh highs. They can be a little embarrassing when they do not stay up and fall around my ankles. That has happened a few times. Look forward to your love/hate post. God bless.

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