Where am I going to be?

For those of you in the Omaha area, I will be signing books, including my third and last in the Great Plains Series, When Hearts Rekindle, on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the 2018 Arts and Crafts Show at the Mid-America Center, One Arena Way, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501.

Come by and see me in my new costume to go along with my recent release. Here I am wearing the dress, I originally wore as an attendant at my brother’s wedding many moons ago, but now re-modified to go along with my new book, When Hearts Rekindle.



Hope you can make it. If not, check my books out on-line here on the blog or visit my Web site by clicking here.

















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What was your gift for Valentine’s Day?

I got a dozen red roses and a big kiss. It was so nice for my husband to leave early this morning – without my knowing – to purchase them. In that way, I get to enjoy them for the whole day and beyond. What a sweetie!


What did I give him? A restaurant-made, lemon-meringue pie and a bacon baking dish. Our microwave dish broke and since my husband cooks a lot of bacon I thought I would replace this. However, when I called the woman to order a similar microwave dish, she steered me away from that since it only would cook four pieces of bacon at a time. She suggested I purchase a large baking pan, saying once you cook bacon in the oven you’ll never go back to doing it the other way. I took her advice and ordered one. My thinking was you could bake all the bacon at one time and that would be awesome. She recommended we bake it at 375 to 400 degrees for 25 minutes. Well, we will see how this turns out.

I want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and in so doing I wanted to let any readers out there know that the first in my three-part Great Plains Series, Courtships and Carriages, is free on three e-book platforms: Kobo, Smashwords and Nook is on KINDLE for 99 cents, all until May 7. Click the above links to get your free or reduced priced book!

Courtships and Carriages also is on iBooks for $2.99. This book also is available in paperback: PAPERBACK LINK


Don’t forget the  second in the series, The Bride List for $2.99. Click these links for your copy: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play and is available on iBooks. Click here for Paperback.


THE THIRD AND LAST IN THE SERIES, WHEN HEARTS REKINDLE, WAS RELEASED JANUARY 13, 2018. Click these links to get your e-book copy. Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords.  Get your paperback edition here: PAPERBACK.





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Released: When Hearts Rekindle


Can two lost souls find forever love?

The third and last in the Great Plains Series — When Hearts Rekindle — is up on the following e-book channels:







Paperback edition is here!

Click this link for your copy: Paperback

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New book, When Hearts Rekindle

Well, if you have been waiting with faded breath for the final book in my Great Plains series, you are in luck. As of Friday, December 1, 2017, I submitted this manuscript, When Hearts Rekindle, into the publisher.

Other e-book pre-orders will be up soon. It is available on these e-book platforms right now:



When Hearts Rekindle is released January 13, 2018. The other two books in the series are Courtships and Carriages and The Bride List.

When Hearts Rekindle’s cover and description are below:

Thunderbolts echoed and rain pelted down as distraught Betty Chapman stood in agony to express her heartache from a broken courtship in Janet Syas Nitsick’s new clean, historical romance, When Hearts Rekindle. This is her third and last book in the Great Plains Series. …


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Trees, Trees, and Destruction


Storms bring destruction. We are in a mess and are still trying to pull ourselves out of this. That is true about everything.

We also need to pull ourselves out of our writing destruction. This is when our writing gets sidetracked. Sidetracked by uncontrollable events, such as storms, technical issues and the loss of production time.

I faced a storm, where we lost power for three days (which was better than some in the area where they were out of power for about five days). However, I was unable to not only write, charge my phone, cook or basically do much of anything. It is amazing how much you live on power and do not know that until you are out of electricity.

Prior to the storm, I had technical computer problems and had been on the phone with technicians off and on all day. My computer backed upped the data just before the storm. I was lucky there for 15 minutes later the storm hit, and we were out of power. However, once electricity returned, another problem developed and that was the upgrade to a new operating system.

This new system would no longer back up my work. Another call led to another call and still the issue was not repaired. Then my other computer, which had been doing great on that end, would no longer backup as well. All these technical calls and spending days on the phone did not fix the issue. It was so, so frustrating. In addition, this lost valuable time in writing, promoting and all those other activities associated with being an author. Finally, last week, after three weeks of this, it got fixed. Praise God!

Writing, though, is like this. Everything is going along fine. Your writing goals are met. You smile on the progress you made and then devastation happens. This puts you behind the eight ball. What should you do?

Well, you must move on for what else can you do? I am trying to get caught up on weeks of lost production time. So no matter what you face, put your front foot ahead of you and take steps forward. Destruction and disasters come and the best is to look up, say a prayer for strength and set your eyes on finishing your project. God bless.

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Excerpt: The Bride List

Jim Ward was in a tizzy when the president of the Presbyterian Theological College presented him The Bride List for him to court and suggested he start with Betty Chapman. A sweet woman, the president said. Oh, but that horse face of hers made Jim pine for his childhood nemesis, Annie Lee, who arrive in town a few weeks earlier. … Visit www.JanetSyasNitsick.com or this blog for links to this humorous tale.


A release by Parchment and Plume 

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What do you do when your Publisher goes Bankrupt?

You have two options – find another publisher or self-publish them.

This is what I was faced with recently on two of my six books/anthologies. I decided to self-publish Seasons of the Soul and Lockets and Lanterns, because they were published years ago (Seasons of the Soul in 2006 and Lockets and Lanterns in 2012).

I believe self-publishing is the right path to go on these two books. However, this meant I needed to develop a new cover. After all I did not own the rights to the covers, the publisher did. What should I do? Go with an expensive cover designer or do a nice cover without any bells or whistles?

I decided to do the latter. I could not see paying a lot of money for a cover artist on books several years old. Thus I turned to a friend who has self-published, and she is assisting me.

Now since the original Lockets and Lanterns cover never really said romance, and it is a romance, it made sense to have a cover that more matched the genre. In fact at book signings, people often thought this book was either a horror or mystery novel. Although Lockets and Lanterns includes an element of mystery – the husband’s secret – your average mystery reader would not consider it as such. It is pictured below. What do you think?

L&L Coverjpeg9781618621696

The second problem was the book’s description. It needed to be revised. It did not say “romance” and, of course, it must do that.

This got me thinking about publishers who market all types of genres. They really do not know what each target audience demands. So, although going through my submitted manuscript is going to be a chore since I will have to correct the point size and fonts used and remove all editor’s remarks, it also is a time of rejoicing.

Rejoicing you say? Are you nuts? No, I have been disinterested in these books for quite a while to focus on my new material, such as the recent release of my historical humorous tale, The Bride List. The cover is pictured below.


However, now I am excited about these older books. Why?

Because it also took me back to when my autistic sons were younger as relayed in a spattering of personal accounts in Seasons of the Soul. I could relive those trials, such as where the family almost drowned or a humorous tale of when Andrew’s cat went missing. And, I could reread the God-inspired story, loosely based on my grandfather, in Lockets and Lanterns.

So when disaster strikes like a publishing company going out of business. First panic then take a deep breath and realize the positives. Positives of getting the books printed as you wanted in the beginning and are able to do so with self-publishing them.

Have a great spring and I would love to have your feedback on this issue and as always God bless.


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